A website dedicated to analogue photography, mostly black and white.

As street photography/social photography is of special interest to me this will be the large body of work, even if you will find some landscape/seascape photography as well.

Most of the images is analogue, and that is what this site is dedicated to, but some  digital images may have found it´s way here.

Equipment used is mostly

Leica M3 with Summicron 5cm/2.0
Hasselblad 553 EXL with Planar 80mm/2,8 and Sonnar 150mm/4
Canon F1 with FD 50mm/1,4 and FD 200mm 4,0
Holga 120N

Leica Q 28mm/1,7
Canon 5D, 70-200mm/4,0

Preferred film is: Ilford FP4+ 125, Ilford HP5+ 400, Ilford Delta 3200, Fomapan 120
When shooting landscape I usually use Fuji Velvia 50 color reversal or Kodak Portra.

As for development of black & white film I use Ilford products and scan 135-film with Plustec 8200i
120-film usually sends out to Crimson in Sweden or Carmencita in Spain for development and scanning.