A website dedicated to analogue photography, mostly black and white.

As street photography/social photography is of special interest to me this will be the large body of work, even if you will find some landscape/seascape photography as well.

Most of the images is analogue, and that is what this site is dedicated to, but some  digital images may have found its way here.

Equipment used mostly is:

Leica M3 with Summicron 5cm/2.0
Hasselblad 553 EXL with Planar 80mm/2,8 and Sonnar 150mm/4
Canon F1 & AV-1 with FD 50mm/1,4SSC, FD100mm 2,8 SSC and FD 200mm 4,0 SSC
Holga 120N

Leica Q 28mm/1,7
Canon 5D, 70-200mm/4,0

Preferred film is: Ilford FP4+ 125, Ilford HP5+ 400, Ilford Delta 3200, Fomapan 120
When shooting landscape I usually use Fuji Velvia 50 color reversal or Kodak Portra.

As for development of black & white film I use Ilford products and scan 135-film with Plustec 8200i
120-film usually sends out to Crimson in Sweden or Carmencita in Spain for development and scanning.